Sunday, February 22, 2009

RTR's Monday Moanin' 23 FEB 2009

Typical Monday moanin'...

= I’ve never eaten a paczki or a pasty, and don’t plan to do so. 

= Dueling headlines on Sunday:  Chicago Tribune: “Obama’s big plans on smaller scale than FDR’s” versus Lansing State Journal’s AP story:  “Obama plans eclipsing FDR’s New Deal.”

= Hate to break the news to Boston Bruins fans:  In a seven game series, the Detroit Red Wings are still the best ice hockey team in the world.

= And the other bad news for Beantown fans:  The Patriots were cheating (stealing play signals) during their recent run of successful NFL seasons.  For mercy sake, we won’t ask about the steroid usage of the Bosox.

= Stunningly, I just learned in the last two days that (1) Dimebag Darrel was killed in 2006 and (2) Christine McVie retired in 2003.  Definitely, a sign that I’ve been distracted by other matters.

= The movie “Waltzing with Bashir” is one more message to Israel’s radical right that the Iron Fist’s despicable truth cannot be concealed.

= It’s real cool being my age because there are soooo many things I don’t need to run to Wikipedia to look up.

= The Answer’s tattoos are worth the price of upgrading to HD TV.

= Here are the all-time greatest hockey players: (1) Bobby Orr (2) Gordie Howe (3) Wayne Gretzky.  Sorry, Lil Wayne wouldn’t have survived playing during Bobby’s and Gordie’s era.

= Why do you think RB keeps packing peanut butter sandwiches for me for work?

= People really have “Sound of Music” Dress Up Parties?

= If at anytime she’s shy about asking for a divorce, RB knows that signing us up for ballroom dancing lessons will accomplish the same thing.

= Daily newspapers could still pull their asses out of the fire if they stopped their systematic establishment-protectionism and started doing their job as a public-interest watchdog.

= I was unimpressed by Georgia’s quarterback, Matthew Stafford, when he played against Michigan State on January 1st, which means the Lions will take him as the overall No. 1 NFL draft pick.

= Here’s to Bob Talbert.  He is missed.  As is Lou Gordon and Sidney J. Harris.  Sorry, only Sidney can be found on Wikipedia.

-- Rico Thomas Rico

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