Saturday, July 4, 2009

Flogging Molly Flogging Michigan at the Rothbury Music Festival

I’m kicking back for the moment here at the 2009 Rothbury Music Festival in Rothbury, Michigan, waiting for super masher Girl Talk to come on stage at 2 a.m. and close the first full day of this remarkable festival. If you’re too cool to make plans and sittin’ around this holiday weekend, my recommendation is to grab your basic camping gearing, pack lots of loose change for the two-day ticket price, and drive over here in the morning. This world-class Michigan music event – in its second year – should not be missed if at all possible. Join me in partying like it's 1969, but without the free booze, drugs, and sex.

The crowd here – something like 30,000 strong? – was described to me as the children and grandchildren of Woodstock. And by the looks of it, I agree: socially-conscious, youthful, easy-going, doo-rags, a few dreads, and lots of tattoos – plus great taste in music. Okay, I don’t quite fit the demographic – tattoo embellishment never needed – but having grown up in The Nasty, I’m still down wit-it. Still, at my age, I have the small weekend goals of (1) having fun, (2) covering the event as a blogger, and (3) getting home on Monday with my dignity. I’ll take two out of three if I can convince a crowd to make an old man happy and just once body surf him across the crowd. That would make a great video posting, dignity be damned.

Good Golly, Flogging Molly

I already know one of my highlights of the weekend will be the performance of the Irish band, Flogging Molly. They are known to many for their high-energy Celtic-rock. They were know to me, personally, as the band listed on the obnoxious green t-shirt worn often by my bud, Lansing activist Chris Singer. I’ve got to say, the praise heaped on this band by Chris was well-deserved..

Flogging Molly took the stage mid-day and lit up the crowd with an impressive 90-minute set, songs familiar to everyone except me. The crowd and the band traded on the energy of the moment. The mosh pit in front was sizeable and a few people – no old guys – surfed across the crowd. I walked away determined to download all their music and you may soon see me wearing a green obnoxious Flogging Molly t-shirt (not).

Hangin' Backstage with Flogging Molly

That’s it for now. Looking at the clock, Girl Talk goes on stage in 90 more minutes. I’ll be there, camera and Red Bull in hand.

-- Rico Thomas Rico

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