Thursday, May 21, 2009

When John Dissed Jennifer

I just can't get my mind off the moment last Saturday when John Conyers dissed Jennifer Granhom, one political heavyweight to another, at the 2009 Michigan Policy Summit last Saturday in Detroit. Some of us in attendance nearly fell off our chairs when Conyers, chair of the House Judiciary Committee, announced -- rather brusquely -- his withdrawal of support for Granholm's candidacy for the the Supreme Court vacancy because of her support for a "rightwing neocon" U.S. attorney. This off-guarded moment caused a couple of Michigan-based bloggers to scramble to get the surprise news on the internet. The video of Conyers announcement is provided below. Interestingly, Conyers also took a couple of serious shots at the Obama administration, while still calling the President the "smartest political person in the United States."

The Conyers incident brought to memory other "special" moments -- my personal favorites -- from the two previous Michigan Policy Summits, both held in Lansing. I realize, fortunately, I have them recorded. I'll need to dig into my video archive and bring those to you next week. Y'all come back now, ya hear?
-- Rico Thomas Rico

John Conyers' Remarks at the
2009 Michigan Policy Summit in Detroit
16 May 2009

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Chris said...

I love it...finally a Michigan politician speaking their mind. I voted for Jennifer, but let's face it, she hasn't shined. It's not just the economy either. She was bold and brave in her campaign. I haven't seen that Jennifer since she was re-elected. She continuously caters to special interests, her record on the environment is abysmal, and she often drags her feet on many matters related to justice and human rights as well. Just my 2 cents though... I know the diehard dem bloggers are in love with her, lol...

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