Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Heard Here First: Jindal - Palin 2012

My Mardi Gras evening was spent discussing Leonard Peltier at Gone Wired Cafe.  Must say, Colleen's got the cafe nice and comfy with the new seating configuration.  It's gotten even better to relax, drink your choice of brown water (coffee or tea, that is), and have a good chat about current issues, if not surfing or tweeting on The Internets.

I scampered home just in time to catch President Obama's address to Congress.  It was easy to tell that partisanship is still hanging thickly over the institution.  Numerous times the Republicans were real slow -- almost grudgingly slow -- at rising from their seats to applaud specific points from the president. There were outright catcalls in when the elimination of earmarks was mentioned.  Overall, the speech did not break new ground in the President's plan for the country.  Incredibly, the television showed some members of Congress jockeying to get the autograph from the President as he exited the Chamber.

I thought the night was over until - gaak! - Bobby Jindal came on the tube to give a rebuttal.  Contrary to the positive-spin build-up for Jindal on NPR today, his presentation and appearance was, well, less than positive.  While he basically espoused the tired Republican mantra "tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts," all I heard was "deficits, deficits, deficits." (Spend-and-borrow Republicans don't change, do they?)

I got the impression that Jindal is truly the standard-bearer of the Republican opposition.  My immediate tweet reaction was three side fist pumps and shouts of "Yesh! Yesh! Yesh!"  I immediately imagined a Jindal - Palin ticket in 2012.  They'd deserve each other and represent the Republicans well.  Do the Republicans have a political training academy 
to churn out these types of hapless "leaders"?  If so, I'd like to donate to it.

I was so inspired, I created what I hope is the first rendition of a Jindal - Palin '12 bumper sticker.  Feel free to print it and paste it on the bumper of your car.  It may not stimulate the economy, but it might stimulate some knowing smiles.
-- Rico Thomas Rico

Jindal - Palin '12 Bumper Sticker

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