Saturday, July 19, 2008

SBUX REDUX: Voices from the Global Day of Action Against Starbucks

It was two weeks ago that the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) conducted a global day of action against the Starbucks Corporation. There are clear indications that the Starbucks "progressive" image does not match its actions toward its employees and its employees' labor rights. Locally, Cole Dorsey, a Starbucks barista and union organizer, was fired by the one of the company's Grand Rapids stores. This was not an isolated incident as similar firings of union organizers by Starbucks have occurred around the globe. A "global day of action" was called for July 5, 2008 by the IWW. This blog provided extensive video coverage (see earlier postings) and visit the links provided (at right). Also see the photos here.

Today I want to release my unpublished video interviews with activists who attended the action in Kentwood, Michigan, just outside of Grand Rapids.

"Voices from the Global Day of Action"





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