Sunday, May 16, 2010

Greetings to the Department of Peace Supporters

I met some WONDERFUL people from the American Midwest at the Department of Peace regional conference in Livonia, Michigan. The 3-day conference was a well-organized, well-paced and always interesting. I shot lots of video and tons of photos. I will roll photos out in the next day or two and video as soon as I get to the Cat Lair to start editing. I am now on my way to Ferndale, Michigan for the anti-nuke concert featuring Bad Heart Bull of Chicago. BHB will stop in Lansing tomorrow and Grand Rapids on Tuesday.

I will direct my new Dept of Peace friends to visit my new blog here, my youtube channel here, RTR on Tumblr here, and my twitter feed here. You can also find me on Facebook here. Also, you should visit my cats -- who have been out-micro blogging me lately -- on Tumblr here. My live stream channel is here, where I am currently looping the health care panel discussion from the 2010 LaborNotes conference.

The Peace Education Center's web site is here and its Youtube channel here.

Finally, I hope to see you all at the U.S. Social Forum. If you decide to attend, please let me know and we can connect again.

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