Saturday, January 1, 2011

RTR's 2009 Photo Retrospective

It's been a couple of years since I have posted a photo retrospective. Below are 25 of my personal favorite photos that were posted on Flickr during 2009. I shot these pictures for myself, my blog, the Peace Education Center (PEC), and other local Lansing (MI) activist groups.

The Flag Presentation at My Father's Funeral

Bill Petry Leads Lansing Peace Vigil

Local Solidarity Group Support Peace in Gaza

The Glenn Beck Protest
at MSU's Kellogg Center

Scott Harris and Kathie Carlson at PEC's Alternative Holiday Sale

PEC's Volunteer Crew at Lansing's Old Town

Local Band Playing on the Bridge in Old Town
Near the BluesFest

Health Care Supporters at the Michigan Capitol

Weston's Henna Design

The Kilvingtons: Another Family for Peace

Out Now

East Lansing City Councilperson
Nathan Triplett Visits PEC's Booth
at the Great Lakes Folk Festival

Activist Kathie Kuhn Fronts the September 11th Lansing Peace Vigil


2009 Peace Education Center
Annual Membership Meeting Group Photo

Young Bob Dylan Lookalike at the Rothbury Festival

Radio Session at the Allied Media Conference

Sparty at the BluesFest

End of a Long Day
at the Alternative Holiday Sale

Chris, Tessa, and Deb

Scott Harris of Everybody Reads
at PEC's Alternative Holiday Sale

Lansing Peace Community:
Holiday Group Photo

Cajun Music at the Great Lakes Folk Festival

PEC Volunteers at the Lansing Westside Neighborhood Festival

Supporters of Efren Paredes, Jr.

IWW Panel Discussion at the NorthStar Center

PrideFest Speakers at the Capitol Building

-- Rico Thomas Rico

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