Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Night, 1979

I stopped by Peanut's 30th birthday party last night. I got there kinda late, sometime closer to 10 p.m. -- just like the Friday nights 30 years ago for me when, in the words of Waylon, the night began a new day.

Thirty years ago the biggest sound and largest hit music was from my contemporary, Michael Jackson. Back then, Michael and his brothers -- newly branded The Jacksons -- released what is still my favorite song from their catalogue, "Shake Your Body to the Ground." On those weekend nights in 1979 that song could get any party started. Even back then, I only danced when I had to, and on Saturday nights in low-lit McDonald Hall dorm room parties, well, I just had to when that song came on. I always begrudged Michael for his impossible-to-duplicate-freak-of-nature dance moves; but he deserves all the thanks in the world for throwing so many of us together on sweaty dance floors and making our lives a little more fun and interesting.

Peanut didn't have any loud dance music going at that late hour last night.

That's okay.

I still only dance when I have to.

-- Rico Thomas Rico


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