Monday, May 11, 2009

RTR's Monday Moanin' 11 May 2009

Monday moanin' ain't so bad today with the Detroit Red Wings up 3 - 2 on the dirty ducks from Anaheim...

Should I just turn myself in now? Over-reaching proposed federal legislation would scoop up pesky bloggers, according to

= The Chicago Trib's travel writer called Ann Arbor a "true Midwest Eden" on Sunday and gave a good mention to Zingerman's. If I'm lucky, I'll make it to A2's Street Art Fair this year, July 15 - 18, 2009. One of my all-time favorite bookstores, Ann Arbor's Shaman Drum Bookstore, has been struggling to survive. It's worth a visit and support if you're in the area.

= Notable activist conferences include next Saturday's Michigan Policy Summit in Detroit. This summer, the Allied Media Conference returns to Detroit on July 16th - 19th. Netroots Nation convention will be held in Pittsburgh, August 13 -16, 2009. Next year the U.S. Social Forum will convene in Detroit, June 22 -26, 2010, with details pending.

= Trolling around Twitter has led me to some great Michigan bloggers like social spiritual observer iAllison, social media expert ThatDamnRedhead, and the journaling okthanx.

= You didn't hear it from me continued.

= Baseball continues to be Barry Barry Bad. This last week A-Roid returned to cheering baseball crowds and drug-tainted Manny was suspended for 50-games. When will people admit that "America's past-time" has lost its credibility, just like its torturing federal government and corrupt Wall Street.

= It was funny reading about the early, errant passes by Detroit Lions new quarterback, Matt Stafford. Reporters covering Stafford's first practice were already panicking about the accuracy of his first throws IN PRACTICE. My small hope is that Stafford takes a better liking to Michigan weather than some other University of Georgia transplants I've gotten to know lately.

= Isn't it obvious that former-Michigan Governor John Engler won't be content until he completely ruins this state. Engler, the architect of Michigan's fiscal ill-health, is now publicly recommending nuclear power as the state's future energy source and he wants the U.P to be the location of the next Guantanamo prison.
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