Monday, April 20, 2009

RTR's Monday Moanin' 20 April 2009

Typical Monday Moanin'...

= Detroit Free Press Columnist Carol Cain reported Sunday that Michigan Gubernatorial candidate, Republican Mike Cox, had no women on his 26-member Business and Financial Advisory Committee. Cox might want to look to see if anyone has published Diversity-Training-for-Political-Dummies.

= I am still trying to figure out how I missed last Friday’s ignitelansing in East Lansing. The videos from the event are starting to roll out on the Internet and I’ll be sure to watch some of them. The available photos from the event were very telling from my perspective. Check them out and tell me – in 5 minutes or less – if you see the story that they tell.

= Thanks go out to Hugo Chavez for recommending the book Open Veins of Latin America, which he very publicly gave to President Obama. I secured my copy from Everybody Reads Bookstore and have started reading it. I can tell early on in reading it, the book is a powerhouse work. More on this later.

= The teabagging anti-tax crowd that visited Lansing last week needs to explain where they were during the eight years of the Republican George W. Bush’s massive borrow-and-spend era.

= The American peace community has never really said it out loud: “We told you so.” The peace community is slowly being vindicated as each new detail of Bush’s warmongering, torturing, and other illegalities come out in the daily press.

-- Rico Thomas Rico

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