Thursday, December 18, 2008

Interview: Peace Activist Leslie Cagan

Leslie Cagan was a co-founder and the national director of United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ), America's largest peace coalition, since 2002. While she plans to stay active in the peace movement, Leslie (pictured at right) is stepping out of her national role with UFPJ. The organization has the tall order of filling her shoes and is searching for a new national director.

On the first night of the 4th General Assembly of the UFPJ in Chicago last Friday, I had camped out at a front row table hoping to get some good shots of the opening night speakers. A very nice woman, her partner, and her mother sat next to me. Then author/activist/policy analyst Phyllis Bennis and others joined the table. Later, author/activist/policy analyst Tom Hayden sat next to me. It turns out, the nice lady sitting next to me was Leslie, UFPJ national director, whom I had never met before. She, Bennis, and Hayden were some of the speakers for the evening.

Showing true love and appreciation, a number of people shared hugs with Leslie. Throughout she verbalized the notion that she was not "retiring," explaining she was moving on to new challenges. Later, the capacity crowd gave Leslie a warm standing ovation in recognition of her significant contributions to UFPJ.

On the last day of the assembly, I caught up with Leslie to get her views on the new challenges facing the peace movement in 2009, including the prospect of working with a new administration in the White House. The interview is posted below.
-- Rico Thomas Rico

Standing Ovation for Leslie Cagan


Interview with Leslie Cagan,
Out-Going National Director of UFPJ

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VFPDissident said...

Good riddance to Leslie Cagan, the Zionist deceiver and Democratic Party pleaser who helped hamstring the US peace movement. She should have never held a position of authority in the peace movement in the first place.

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