Monday, December 15, 2008

GLNAWI's 2008 Holiday Potluck

I got home from Obamatown late yesterday only to find that my Internet connection was down. So tonight, in trying to make up lost time, I'm literally running three computers downloading photos, uploading video, and rendering video. I am hoping to roll out various videos as the week progresses. Peace activists shouldn't miss the powerful speeches given over the weekend at 4th General Assembly of United for Peace and Justice.

None of this, however, stopped me from heading over to the U.U. Church tonight for the holiday potluck with the Greater Lansing Network Against War and Injustice (GLNAWI). About 30 people brought a
variety of dishes to pass, including some Bell's Pizza, which brought back some good college memories. Everything was delicious. Somehow I missed dessert dishes, though, as I was up shooting some pictures.

In the spirit of the holiday, everyone signed cards to various prisoners of conscience around the globe. We also signed holiday cards to be sent to some of our members of Congress and President-elect Obama.

For those of you living and working in the Greater Lansing area, the annual holiday peace photo will be taken this Friday, December 19, 2008, during the noon hour in front of the Michigan C
apitol Building. Come join us for the photo shoot. The picture will be included in the holiday cards to Congress and Obama.

To see the photos from the potluck click here.

-- Rico Thomas Rico
GLNAWI Group Photo
at the 2008 Holiday Potluck

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