Wednesday, November 12, 2008

U.S. Senator Sarah Palin Returns to Nieman Marcus?

The Alaska U.S. Senate vote count is still a toss-up. Press reports at this hour have Democrat Mark Begich ahead of convicted felon Republican Ted Stevens by four votes with more ballots to be counted. I am making the prediction that if Alaska voters indeed re-elect the convicted felon, Stevens will exhaust his appeals in 2009 and ultimately be removed from office by his colleagues in the Senate. That scenario will lead to a special election in which Sarah Palin will run and probably win the Senate seat.

If this plays out, Palin will need to loot Nieman Marcus again in preparation for her move to Washington. The whole story would be an economic stimulus package for the retail sector combined with a sitcom, "The Wasilla Hillbillies Go to Washington." Maybe Tina Fey could star?

-- Rico Thomas Rico
U.S. Senator Sarah Palin?

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