Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gas: No One Rides for Free

Admittedly I get a grin when I see gas prices on the road nowadays. Just today I saw gas at $2.24 a gallon while driving to Fowlerville, Michigan. Months ago -- even before gas prices hit record highs this summer -- I told one of the Kravitz Patch Sisters that gas prices would plummet just before the election.

Remember how angry you were with gas well over $4.00 a gallon? Remember how angry everyone was at the time? The oil conglomerates could not afford to have that kind of public anger boiling at election time because it would hurt -- even devastate -- the conservative Republican cause at the polls. So prices have been manipulated downward to alleviate some political pressure and, so far, it has worked. Still, the conservatives are going to take a major hit on Tuesday but not as bad as if gas prices were still at record highs.

My prediction was an easy one, as oil companies can be predictable when it comes to their patterns of gouging the public. Regardless, I still have some people who argue with me on this point. These gullible people just cannot see or believe that oil companies would try to influence the U.S. elections by manipulating gas prices.

Well, let's go on to my next prediction: Gas prices will start climbing again after the election and will continue to climb right up through January 20, 2009. I'll revisit this topic on January 20th and we'll see where prices sit.

-- Rico Thomas Rico

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P.Dids said...

Here's an interesting post on this topic:

Here's Gas Buddy's historical chart:

Check out the 6 year picture. You'll see the largest drop happened within the past few months. Do you really think that has more to do with the election than the global financial meltdown?

Oh, and I just paid $1.78 for gas this weekend - the lowest I've paid in a long time - and weeks after Obama won. Go figure.

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