Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Big Blue - Obamania Rises on Election Night

The evening is electric here at Gone Wired Cafe as the gathering crowd watches the election returns roll in. One by one, Republican Senate seats are falling and Obama is picking up steam as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and more are going Obama Blue. CNN Live -- the Internet projected on the cafe's big screen (natch) -- is showing scenes from Chicago as our Midwest cousins are gathering by the thousands at the Obama Campaign HQ. But the feeling is coast-to-coast. It's the feeling of optimism and of community.

I walked the streets of south Lansing (Michigan) today, helping the Obama campaign get out the vote. Change was in the air. I was knocking on the door of one likely voter when he pulled into his driveway. He said he waited 90 minutes to vote and wasn't shy saying he cast his ballot in favor of Obama. He added one key observation: Another voter approached the line at the polls inquiring about the wait. Informed that it was 90 minutes, the guy said "It's not worth it" and started to walk. Before he got away, he was asked who he supported and admitted to being a John McCain supporter. "Buh-bye." The McCain guy didn't bother to vote.

I still predict we all will wake up tomorrow to a new challenge and a responsibility to turn this country around. Bring it on.

-- Rico Thomas Rico

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