Saturday, October 4, 2008

MoveOn Moving On

As I raced through East Lansing this morning -- dodging traffic and hoards of MSU football fans -- I stopped in my tracks. Whoa! There he was. Barack Obama picture-perfect at a voter registration table on Grand River Avenue. I immediately introduced myself to the folks at the table and snapped photos. A picture of the street scene is shown below.

What I had bumped into was a voter registration table sponsored by Monday is the deadline to register to vote in Michigan and these activists were working hard to get every last person to register. Impressive.

The MoveOn folks spoke proudly of having helped run the McCain-Pallin ticket out of Michigan, a move that has both Republican ticket-mates bickering between themselves over campaign strategy. It seems that Pallin, herself, has begun to question John McCain's judgement. In the meantime, MoveOn is planning to move on to other swing states to do the same thing -- McCain-Pallin should pack lightly as it tries to rescue itself in Wisconsin, Indiana, Pennsylvania and elsewhere.
-- Rico Thomas Rico

MoveOn in East Lansing, MI (L - R)

Mike Cowden, Angie Roark, Obama, Mike Fincannon

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