Sunday, October 12, 2008

McCain-Palin Expose America's Hate Mongering Radical Right

I never saw a complete explanation of the hate mongering that was directed at President Bill Clinton throughout his presidency. Sure he had his problems resulting from the Lewinsky episode, but still that never explained the raw hate that was directed at him from the far-right wing base of the Republican Party, including many of their supporters who claim to be members of the "Christian" Right. However, the vitriolic hatred expressed by these people are nowhere near Christ-like.

Now I see that same angry, ugly hatred being resurrected and directed at Barack Obama, especially as he begins expanding his lead in the political polls. The video below illustrates my point. These base supporters of John McCain and Sarah Palin are scary, extremest, and violent in their attitudes. They seem to come from a persuasion that is more akin to 1930s Germany than 21st Century America. Supporters of the McCain-Palin ticket really need to watch this video, survey the situation as hate mongering expands in the Republican Party, and look in the mirror for some self-assessment.

-- Rico Thomas Rico

A Video Your Typical

McCain-Palin Supporters

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