Thursday, October 30, 2008

For Whom the Bellweather Tolls

I have 'em - you have 'em.

They are "Bellweather" Friends. They are friends who are a fair measure of which way the casual political observer is going to vote this election year. These are the people who are not hardcore politicos who read 5 newspapers a day like some of us. They are the above average undecided voter who generally catch the drift of political messages and images and actually can be swayed by the messages.

I've been avoiding one such friend because of my experience in 2004. During that presidential election -- the Bush vs. John Kerry election -- my friend was clearly sauced on Swift Boat advertising and would say "John Kerry scares me; I don't know why but he just scares me."

I'd respond to my friend by saying "If Kerry scares you, Bush must be a heart attack." Still, in spite of his best interests, my Bellweather Friend voted for Bush.

So this year I didn't know which way my Bellweather Friend was leaning until he sent me the image shown below via email. It told me a lot. Soon after receiving this image, McCain-Palin cut-and-ran out of Michigan. Their polling must have been telling them for whom the bellweather was tolling.

-- Rico Thomas Rico

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