Wednesday, September 3, 2008

INTERVIEW: Activist Dahlia Wasfi, M.D.

You never know when you'll bump into a long-distance Facebook Friend.

While attending the Popular Conference for Palestinians in U.S. in Chicago last month, I ran into activist Dr. Dahlia Wasfi, who was representing the Wheels of Justice touring program. Over a year ago, Dr. Wasfi visited the Lansing, Michigan peace community and brought her unique perspective and analysis of the conditions in Iraq under the U.S. occupation.

At the time of her Lansing visit, I missed her presentation because I was making a 12-hour drive from the upper upper reaches Michigan's Upper Peninsula. I heard rave reviews of her presentation and her friendly, personable nature. Later, she was gracious to accept my request for Facebook friendship.

So it was a surprise to bump into her in Chicago. As any friend would do, I asked Dahlia for an on-camera interview for the Peace Education Center. We talked about a wide-range of topics. The interview is below. (As a warning, there is some sound distortion in parts of the recording.)
-- Rico Thomas Rico

Interview with Dr. Dahlia Wasfi

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