Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Conservatives: If the Lipstick Fits, Wear It

Everyday it is becoming more apparent. The Republican Party is full of self-hating Americans. Can't-Do Conservatives is what I call them. If the lipstick fits, you conservatives gotta wear it. Then look in the mirror to see what you've become.

The Issues

National health care: Can't-Do Conservatives say it can't be done successfully in the U.S., while every democracy in Europe provides care for its citizens without becoming a Socialist outpost. Why do the Can't-Dos think so little of our American ability and ingenuity?

Government Spending: Can't-Do Conservatives complain loudly about government spending but, at the same time, have no problem spending $720 million American dollars A DAY illegally occupying Iraq, which had no role in the 9/11 attack, had no weapons of mass destruction, and had no other sin other than having the third largest oil reserves stewing under its land.

Budget Deficits: Can't-Do Conservatives complain about government spending but have no qualms about giving massive tax cuts to their Can't-Do Cronies, the rich, the super rich, and the power elite. Everyone else gets the occasional rebate check, but this, too, it put on the National Credit Card for future generations to pay. Can't meet our national priorities? We can if we eliminate the tax cuts for the Cronies of Can't-Dos.

Education: Can't-Do Conservatives don't seem to think Americans should fully fund schools. They diss teachers; they disdain university professors. They preach support for education, but expound against smart people. Basically, Can't-Do Conservatives support educated people, but only if they are taught their rigid ideology. Truth and an educated populace are like Kryptonite to Can't-Do Conservatives and their hold on power.

Community Organizing: The Can't-Do Conservatives disrespect and chide community organizers. If you organize, volunteer, and support community organizations, this means you! These Can't-Do Conservatives think you're a sucker or a chump if you work within your community for the following:

The United Way
The Red Cross
Planned Parenthood
American Foundation for the Blind
The League of Women Voters
Michigan Arts Council
United Negro College Fund
The Sierra Club
Citizens for Better Care
March of Dimes
American Civil Liberties Union
Make A Wish Foundation
Peace Education Center
Capital Area Literacy Coalition
Amnesty International
American Cancer Society
Humane Society
Old Newsboys' Goodfellow Fund
Reading is Fundamental
Little League Baseball
Michigan Environmental Council

...and the list goes on and on.

Half of the time with community organizing, we are trying to fix problems that Can't-Do Conservatives have created and perpetuated. If the lipstick gotta wear it.

Can't-Do Conservative Standard Bearers

The current standard bearers for Can't-Do Conservatives are John McCain and Sarah Palin. They clearly and proudly have carried this mantle since accepting their political party nomination. It's obvious, too, that they have a chorus of support from the arch-conservative pundits on radio and television, as well as from stalwarts throughout the Republican Party.

If you're part of this conservative, Republican crowd, get your lipstick because, undeniably, you gotta wear it.

-- Rico Thomas Rico

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