Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hot Fun in the Summertime: DFA-Style!

It was all good summer fun for Mid-Michigan progessives last Wednesday. The "Picnic for Progressives" had a little everything: political chit-chat and cold soda pop...potato chips and two local candidates...veg dogs and Democrats...a summer cloud burst and an air of Obama optimism.

Approximately 28 people attended the August 13th picnic held by Michigan Democracy for America (DFA). The picnic was held instead of the group's regular August meeting. Still, the group managed to have fun, to have a picnic and to make two key endorsements.

Mid-Michigan DFA unanimously supported the candidacy of Judy Ford, a progressive Democrat running for the 85th State House seat. Judy brought her family and spent the evening mingling and talking with everyone. She addressed the group and received enthusiastic support.

Greg Crockett, a progressive candidate for Ingham County Probate Court, discussed a wide-range of topics as he had an extensive give-and-take with Mid-Michigan DFA members. Greg also received the group's unanimous support and endorsement.

Mid-Michigan DFA also welcomed Chad Cyrowski representing incumbent Ingham County Drain Commissioner Pat Lindemann, who was endorsed earlier this year. Chad reported on the post-primary results and, as Pat's campaign manager, he promised that Pat's campaign would not slow down.

To see all the pictures of the picnic, please click here.

-- Rico Thomas Rico
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Picnic Slide Show

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