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RTR's Top 15 Personal Favorite Photos from 2007

It was fun shooting photos during 2007 and I posted many of them on FLICKR for the peace community. The digital cameras are wonderful in the sense that you can shoot tons pictures and simply delete the bad -- and the really bad -- ones.

So with all the photos that I took and posted in 2007, I tried to pull together a narrow list of my personal favorites. Below are my top 15.

No. 1. Send Kids to College Not Iraq

This a photo of one main reason many of us work for peace. These girls stopped by the Peace Education Center/GLNAWI peace booth at the 2007 Lansing, Michigan Old Town BluesFest.

No. 2. The Lansing Eyes Wide Open Exhibit

Erick Williams visits the dramatic and touching Eyes Wide Open Exhibit that was displayed in Lansing, Michigan.

No. 3. Not an Object, Not a Target

Kathie Kuhn held up this sign as we prepared for the Peace-In at the Everybody Reads bookstore in Lansing, Michigan.

No. 4. Peacemakers Making Peace Cranes

Elise Harvey teaches another generation how to fold peace cranes. The photo was taken at the Peace Education Center's Alternative Holiday Sale in the Fall of 2007.

No. 5. Too Many Have Died

Artist and peace activist Charlie Nash is a constant presence at the Friday peace vigils at the Michigan Capitol Building -- rain, sleet, or snow.

No. 6. The Ben Miller Peace Memorial

This is the memorial plaque for Benjamin A. Miller (August 5, 1979 ~ July 2, 2006), which is part of the new permanent peace memorial on the Lansing Community College Central campus. The Peace Pole and Memorial for the Victims of War site is on the northwest corner of the hilltop above the outdoor amphitheatre at LCC. The memorial was dedicated "In honor of Veterans and all who have suffered or died as a result of war."

No. 7. End the Occupation

Students demand the end of the Iraq occupation on the 4th anniversary of the illegal invasion by the U.S.

No. 8. Shopping Zombies at Meridian Mall

On "Buy Nothing Day" right after Thanksgiving Day, this security didn't know what to make of the shopping zombies that visited Meridian Mall.

No. 9. Portrait of the PEC Board of Directors

Most of the 2007 Peace Education Center Board of Directors appears in this photo aside of Elise Harvey's famous rolling social statement.

No. 10a. (tie) Friday Peace Vigil at the Michigan Capitol

The weekly peace vigil at the Michigan Capitol Building in late August 2007.

No. 10b. (tie) Friday Peace Vigil at the Michigan Capitol

The weekly peace vigil at the Michigan Capitol Building in late December 2007.

No. 11. UFPJ Peace Rally in Chicago, Fall 2007

A photo from downtown Chicago at the regional peace rally organized by United for Peace & Justice (UFPJ).

No. 12. Moment of Reflection

The Michigan Peace Team (MPT) is captured in a quiet moment overlooking the Detroit River prior to the arrival of Cindy Sheehan.

No. 13. The Osborns

The Osborns at the Peace Education Center's Alternative Holiday Sale.

No. 14. The Michigan State University SDS Reunion

A group photo of the SDS Reunion on the campus of Michigan State University (MSU).

No. 15. Can Corporatism & Peace Co-Exist?

This is a scene from the regional peace rally in Chicago, Fall of 2007. Maybe there is hope that corporatism and peace can indeed co-exist.

All the Photos
You can see my top 35 favorites on FLICKR and, in the process, you can check out any of the photo sets by clicking on "sets" at this link: PEC Photos


Melissa said...

sweet! my boys and i are in your top 15!

Seasons of Nonviolence said...

I think you forget a certain picture of a certain someone with a certain celebrity from Sicko...


Rico Thomas Rico said...

LOL. On Flickr you will notice that the SiCKO celebrity with the sicko is ranked #16.

-- RTR

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