Saturday, December 29, 2007

Grab Your Coat, You're Getting Snowed

Baghdad was 59 degrees today. Wanna bet that over 70% of our U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan would rather have been at the Capitol with us today?

The Bush dead-end defenders -- starting with U.S. Representative Mike Rogers -- refuse to acknowledge a vast majority of U.S. troops in Iraq, some on torturous second and third tours, would rather be home right now. But what would Bush, Rogers, and cronies know or care about the needs of our troops and the security interests of this country? These policy impostors have time and again proven they are complete amateurs in handling world affairs, and they've handily turned a blind eye to U.S. government illegalities like (all documented) torture, kidnapping, secret prisons, domestic spying, leaked CIA identities, evidence destruction and on and on.

So who is getting snowed here? Me. You. Our troops. The American public.

Grab your coat. Join us. We'll be back in front of the Capitol at Noon on January 4, 2008.

-- Rico Thomas Rico

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